Seinna 31;1

From the rain of ashes that surround us with faded darkness, the rise of The Society will begin the fate of our Apocalypse.


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Scarlet Night: The Awakening

  Name: Jai Athene Alexandre

  Age: 26

Ethnicity: Japanese/Greek

Eyes: Brown with green accents

Occupation: Baker and Dorm Mom

Blood Type: A

Enjoys: Baking, peace and quiet, reading, creating new ideas for her shop

Favorite Song: “Romeo & Cinderella” By: Doriko


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Marry The Night

She felt it pulsing within her veins, the sudden adrenaline rush of her heart pounding within her own blood. “It comes.” As her hand made a withdraw, the roar of energy radiated into her skin as the sickening crack of bone and shifting flesh to steel became real. Jai watched as her whole arm transformed into armor, and slammed into the demon’s face. The crunching sound of steel breaking skin echoed through the wind as the impact of her fist cut through the barrier. The blow sent both Jai and the demon flying in opposite directions, the power that was unleashed wreaked havoc in her system as the change of human muscle and blood became steel. The searing pain of her body changing ricocheted panic.

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House Of Shinobi

Created from the inspiration of Naruto and Ninja Assassin, comes the newest installation of my projects. Still untitled but hopefully it’ll come to me.

“I swear on behalf of the brotherhood, that I cast aside my past, present and future for the sake of this clan. I, alone, walk this path of night. Forever to exist, but not exist in the world beyond the light. I am Shinobi.”

The darkest hour was coming, every second that passed drew a painful press of anxiety. The Society, would soon come for Analise’s head, and she knew destiny was arriving in due time. But even with the last minutes of her life passing, she had done the deed she was required to accomplish. Inhaling the seconds Analise had left, she felt the soft breeze touch her cheek as she sensed them coming. They surrounded the building like a wolf-pack, she would go down quietly. There was no reason for her to fight anymore. She had the last laugh.

Like the insects that the Society was, she felt them in the room with her. The cold sting of metal pressing against her nape, Analise held her meditation pose as one of the bugs opened his mouth to question her. “Where is it?” The shinobi spoke through gritted teeth, dragging the tip of his kusarigama against Analise’s skin. “You will never find ‘it.’ ‘It’ is safe from the eyes of the Society.” A painful slash came upon her face as the shinobi raped his kusarigama, across her porcelain flesh. The burning of the blade pierced her skin drawing the crimson dew of life out from her cheek, but still Analise remained motionless. “Where is the child, Analise?”

Silence was her only answer. Another slash was afflicted to her face, “I will find that child.” Analise knew the room was ready to annihilate her, the presence of hostility seared her very being. But the mountain will not bow to the wind. “The child is gone, Jericho.”

Jericho roared as the woman spoke his name, anger raged uncontrollably inside as his arm drew up and dealt another blow. The sickening crush of bone breaking, didn’t satisfy his contempt for Analise. He had loved the woman dearly, but she betrayed him by keeping the child away from him. Jericho stood over Analise as she coughed out her final breaths, blood began to pool around her face as she laid still on the floor. His heart ached for a moment as he saw her lying placidly, kneeling besides her he asked her calmly again. “Where is the child?”

Analise pitied him, as she saw him kneel to her as if they were still in love like before. Not a day went by when she didn’t love this man so much she would of given him anything, until he asked her to kill their unborn child. Jericho was unfaithful, but she always turned a blind eye to it because she was incapable of producing an heir to his legacy. But when the witch had told her she was with child the news brought her hope, but all of the elation of the news was shattered when the witch spoke of a prophecy.

“The house of Shinobi will fall by the hand of this child.”

Jericho had ordered that when she had given birth, to burn the baby in the Fires of Suzaku. But Analise could not bear the thought of her only child condemned to die right after birth. And for Jericho, to have heard his orders to slay their child had had demolished all her emotions of devotion towards him.

Gasping for the last breath she knew she would take before leaving this world, Analise mustered a smile through the blood that welled out from her. “Our child is bathing in your entrails, and basking in the blood of all your followers.” She heard Jericho yell at the top of his lungs, knowing she would never tell him where the baby had gone. “You bitch.” He bellowed, “You’ll burn in hell for eternity for your treason to your husband.”

Analise smiled, as the final blow from the kusarigama swiped across her throat, “I will see you there.”

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The Uninvited

Her breathing had become rapid as the corpse climbed up the stairs, the scraping of its fingernails grinded into the wooden floor as it continued its ascent to Kyori.“This can’t be happening….” Kyori pushed herself off the floor and ran for her room, but stopped short when blood began to spill out onto her door, “No… no!!!!” Whirling around she faced the only other option she had out of the apartment building, the 13th story window with the escape ladder on the side. The scratching grew louder as the corpse finally pulled its way up to the 13th floor with bloodshot eyes it glared at her, only opening its mouth to say one bloody word, “Die.”            “Aaaah!!!!” Kyori started tugging on the latch for the window, but the latch laid in place as she pulled, the scratching was getting louder, but it what made her turn was the loud squeaking of the floor boards. Looking behind her she saw the corpse recomposing itself to walk instead of crawl to her. “SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!!!” Kyori screamed now slamming her fists into the window urging it to break, she couldn’t hear anything else now but the scratching and the blood rushing through her ears. Suddenly cold fingers crept around her shoulders, and the stink of rotting flesh consumed her senses as the corpse reared its mouth close to her face, and let blood pour out from its mouth, “Die.” The cracking of bones echoed as she felt her shoulder blades shatter, pain erupted and sent the spears of fire into her body. “AAAHHH!!!” She screamed as she finally slammed the last of strength into the window causing it to give way and shatter, she felt herself fall, shards of glass showered around her as she fell to the darkness.

Tune in for more next time 😛

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The Call

“Hey, Rikku come to the library I need someone to walk me home real fast because I got too many books!” Monica said happily through the phone.

Rikku cocked her head to the side and looked at her clock, “Monica, the library closes at 9:00 p.m. how is it that you are still there?” The bold red numbers stating 11:37 pm on her clock stared back at her, unease and suspicion crept into her thoughts. “Yea I know Rikku, but they said they would stay open for me a little bit longer so I could get my stuff organized, please please come get me it’s so dark outside.” Monica pleaded on the other end of the phone, Rikku sighed, “Alright Monica,” the unease began to grow stronger as she said the last of her sentence, “give me 15 minutes and I’ll be there.” Hanging up the phone, Rikku put the cellphone into her pants pocket and turned to her closet to take out a jacket to cover her from the cold autumn air. As she walked towards her closet, thinking of the shortest way to get to the library, little did she realize…. She wasn’t the only one in her room.

A sudden chill ran down her spine as she faced her closet, only stopping for a brief moment to shake off the feeling, she pulled out a red jacket and slipped it on. Turning to look at the mirror, she noticed tiny specs of lint that seemed to have stuck onto the jacket while being in the closet. Brushing them off and pulling her hair into a ponytail, she looked into the mirror and said “Okay, ready!” As she walked out the door she sang a simple tune, as she strolled out of her room not knowing the dark chill she had felt was her own reflection watching her with blood soaked eyes.

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Bumping Heads

Rikku whistled a tune, while she waited in line for the line in Coffee Bean to move faster. Lord knows, every time she went to get coffee for her and Kyori, there was always a damn line that went out the door. She folded her arms, as the line moved somewhat closer to the cashier, damn this was going to take forever. “I should of brought my book,” Rikku sighed, shaking her head she looked down into her school bag and took out her new phone. As she held it in her hand, the red and blue lights on her phone came on, warning her that she had gotten a message.

“Make sure to get a Grande not a Venti, like last time , and don’t forget my New York Cheesecake slice Rikku! I’ll see you in 15 minutes—<3 Kyori” Rikku read on her screen, smiling she texted back, “Hahaha very funny Kyori, mind you I don’t need to buy you anything loser.” She texted the retort with a click of a button and settled the phone into her shirt pocket, the line had moved a little more, and she was now one person away from the counter. Looking around to past the next couple of minutes, she looked towards the glass walls of the coffee shop. The night was coming faster since it was the autumn season, and the sun was already casting shadows on the streets, she turned to look face forward to the counter again, she stopped herself. A sudden urge held her as she eyed a man standing by the glass window inside the coffee shop, she noticed his eyes were intently staring at something from afar. Feeling sheepish a bit for staring at him she averted her eyes from him, only to find herself ogling him again, there was something about him that seemed dark. He looked wild, his hair was a dark red that reminded Rikku of red wine, and his figured could state that he was more than athletic.

“Miss?” Rikku blinked for a moment, and then realized she was holding up the line. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Umm… Venti Caramel Frap with whip cream, a Venti Green Tea Frap with whip cream, and a slice of your cheesecake please!” She blurted out, in embarrassment, she felt her face turn red as the cashier smiled and handed her her change. “Don’t worry, I think he’s hot too,” the cashier laughed as she eyed the red haired man standing at the window.

Oh lord! The cashier had noticed she was checking him out, ugh….. this would be an awesome story to tell Kyori. Holding the cake in one hand and the drinks in a cup holder in her other hand she made her way towards the door, as she went to push open the door, she felt the vibration of her phone go off in her shirt pocket. It must be Kyori, she thought, she leaned against the door to the outside,  and placed the cheesecake that she was holding onto the cup holder, as she went to reach for her phone with her now free hand. As she pulled out her phone and leaned to push open the door at the same time, a couple of elementary school kids came rushing to the door, and pushed into Rikku as they made their way inside.

“Oh no!!!” She screamed as she lost her balance from the kids, she closed her eyes and waited to feel the immense pain from falling and hear the splat from the coffee and cake as it hit the cement. She waited, but no sound came, instead she felt strong hands holding her body up. Opening her eyes she stared into luminescent blue-green eyes that seemed to hypnotize her.

“Whoa…  You’ve got some really interesting looking eyes.” Rikku said to the red haired man she had been staring at in the coffee shop.

“Thanks, I get that a lot, are you alright?” The red haired man asked her, she straightened up and took the coffee and cake from him, “Uh, yea thanks….” she said with a smile.

“Well next time be careful, Rikku” He said with devilish grin, “I’ll be on my way now, take care kiddo.” The red haired man said before he turned on his heel and strode off down the street.

“Rikku!!!!” Kyori yelled from across the street, Rikku turned to see her cousin waving her arms frantically from the crosswalk on the otherside. Rikku waved back to her as Kyori made her way down the street to the coffee shop.

“What’s wrong Rikku? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.” Kyori smiled sheepishly at her, “Oh god dammit Rikku! I told you Grande not Venti!” Rikku looked at her drinks to realize she had mistakenly gotten a Venti instead of a Grande again. “Oops, well the more the merrier right? I still got your cake hahah!” Rikku laughed as both her a Kyori sat down to talk about Kyori’s upcoming 17th birthday. But still as she sat down to talk with her cousin, she couldn’t help but wonder…. How did he know my name?

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Days Before

“In our news today, the body count for Tokyo has become astonishingly high. A series of mass murders have been plaguing the city into a high alert. At least 500 young girls, all which have been confirmed 16 years old, have been cruelly, and disgustingly mutilated. No one can seem to find a direct reason as of why the killer(s) are targeting 16 years old, but what the police do know is the killer only has a distinct way of seeking these girls out, their age 16, and that they are virgins. Parents’ please be advised to keep your children in doors before sundown, it is at an initial high that we must be careful and be aware!” Click! Went the remote control for the TV, “That’s more than last month….” Kyori said apathetically. Turning away from the television, she gathered her books and lunchbox and headed out to start her morning walk to school.

“Oh my God, like did you hear on the news!?” A girl with black hair screeched in fear in class, “Oh my God like yea, totally, it’s like so gruesome, lucky I’m only 15 hah!” A brown haired girl said in the seat next to the girl with the black hair. “Oh shut up, Ruka, you turn 16 in like freaking 2 days it does not exclude your ugly ass.” Said the girl with black hair, “Hey, I ain’t ugly, at least I’m prettier than Kyori Hinako.” Ruka retorted with a snort. Both the girls howled with laughter as Kyori sat quietly in her chair, ignoring the insults. She held no interest in starting fights with the likes of brainless nincompoops who had an attention span of 30 seconds…. Or less. Thinking to herself she thought of what her plans were to do after school before the sun goes down, she already knew one thing, she had to meet up with her cousin Rikku at the Parlor before she did anything else when school got out at 2 p.m.

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blood rush

Excerpt, “Bloodlines”

“I can smell it,” a distant whisper came from the darkened alley, as soft as the wind but loud of enough for Jade to hear. She narrowed her eyes and focused her attention at the dark figure slowly emerging from the dank stench of the alley, the aroma of blood, sex, and garbage flooded her nose as the vampire finally came into view underneath the crimson moon. God! His scent was revolting, just by the disgusting aroma emanating from him, she knew he was a “made” vampire, a full-blooded or half wouldn’t dare feed on the innocent, but “made” ones would for the craving of flesh would never leave their tongues or their memories.

“Heheheh, wolf…. have you come to kill me or join me?” the vampire sneered, baring his yellow fangs at her. Jade slowly padded towards him, the dark shade covering her slowly slipped off her body as the moon replaced the veil with its pale shine.
“A half-ling, very interesting.” the vampire snorted, as he eyed Jade, her green eyes pierced his as he saw the disgust and hate that flooded behind them. “You and I are alike wolf, an abomination in this world, a coupling of an affair that was not meant to be. But yet I am also not like you, because I, can clean up the unnecessary humans within this world. While you… and others live your life in cowardice, from yourselves and humans.”

A low warning growl escaped Jade’s throat as more anger and hatred arose inside herself, who was he to judge half-lings as abominations, at least she was born with it, not “made” by the likes of foul play or injecting herself with a full-blood’s vital fluids. “Come at me wolf, I would enjoy a good fight ahahahaha!!!” The vampire screeched as he charged for her, fangs bared as he sprang for her neck.

As he lunged for her, Jade swiftly sprang back with all her weight smashing the “made” vampire back into the cold cement, and dealt the final blow with her teeth ripping into his throat and extracting his jugular with her incisors.

The moon reflected off the glass eyes of the vampire, as Jade slowly morphed back into her human form, “I hate it when they don’t shut up,” she said as she spat out his remains, “It makes the job take longer.”

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